Heart & Soul: Changed Update Days

Hi Mibba,

So Vampire's_Addiction has come to the conclusion (with my help ::grin:) that Wednesdays are cursed for us because she always has to work so she can't get WiFi connections. This means that we are changing our days.

Annika's chapters for Heart & Soul will now be posted on Thursdays, Lovely Mibbians.

We're keeping Nick the same. He's staying on Sundays. Apparently he likes being unholy on a holy day. Go figure :)

If you haven't heard of this wonderful story, please, go check it out. We worked really hard for 8 months (mostly joking around with our brainstorming ideas. And yelling no at the computer screen when Nick or Annika didn't turn out the way we wanted) so you should leave us some love.

Seriously, go comment! ::cute:

Happy Mibbaween.

PS: My birthday is in 6 days (Oct. 7th) a comment would be an amazing birthday present. (Yes, Mibba, I am blackmailing you now.)
October 2nd, 2014 at 01:51am