I have this friend and back when we were in high school we were best friends and we were kind of joined at the hips only problem is I was basically her only friend but she wasn't my only friend. I was part of so many clubs and made friends in those clubs and I wanted to hang out with all of my friends, but she expected me to only hang out with her and I remember one day in particular, it was during the summer I told her that I could not meet up with her that day and I told her that the day prior now you would think that would have registered but it did not. The very next day she kept calling and calling me non stop and would not leave me alone and so I finally snapped at her and told her that she was being extremely clingy via e-mail and she sent my e-mail to her mother who then proceeded to scold me for being mean. I am dead serious, so I cut off all ties with her and well a few years ago like 2011 to be precise she contacted me and I was actually hesitant to speak to her after that mess, in 2005.

When she contacted me on facebook she said she missed our friendship and was hoping we could start talking again and it looked like she was single white female anymore (reference to that movie) so I said what the hell and gave her another chance and things were going smoothly but recently I started noticing those subtle signs that told me maybe she was still the same, using one person as a friend instead of venturing off and meeting and making new friends because first she used to call me 1-2 times a week, no biggie? Now it is like 3-4 times a week and so I started feeling a bit suffocated so I told her that I was unable to talk to her that Friday via facebook and like a few hrs later she was like I'm home call me when you are free, and I was like oh no, here we go again.
October 5th, 2014 at 02:01pm