My First Candybowl

This is my very first time doing the candy bowl and I'm pretty excited because I think its a great idea and people get to meet new people and get a lot of feedback on there stories and pictures and anything else. I love Halloween because of the candy its the only time of the year where I really eat candy and I want to be something really scary this year I still don't know what though if you have any ideas feel free to comment .

What are you doing for Halloween?
Have you ever had your own haunted house?
What's your favorite scary movies?

Candy bowl

-Snickers: Profile comment

-Hershey's: Poem comment up to 3 of your choice

- Recess: Subscription to any of your stories up to 5 of your choosing or less

-Gummy worm: Blog based on one of your stories that I like

-Starburst: Recommend up to 3 of your stories

-Candy Corn: Friend request

-Laffy Taffy: Story comment up to 3 stories of your choice and chapter comments

-Milky way: Photo comment on any picture of my choice

Can't wait to hear from you guys and if a lot of people enter my candy bowl I will do another one throughout the month :)
October 8th, 2014 at 12:35am