It's Not a Date

Guess who came over with pizza. That is right it's Seth, course that was a few hours ago and we watched one of the Harry Potter movies. This night is going fairly well, we have both tried and failed a few times of trying to get the fire started. I got it going after he did, haha. I looked over my shoulder at him with a big grin and he just rolled his eyes and kept watching TV.

He's going to spend the night tonight. No, not like that, he's sleeping down stairs and I'm sleeping upstairs. We have been talking, nothing to exiting, just catching up, course we txt all the time, so eh.

Why I say this isn't a date, is because he's sitting on the sofa and I'm sitting in the chair. Why don't I make a move? Because, I got no idea if this is the right setting to make a move or not with him, given it's just him and I. But still not sure about the setting. He came over here because he said that my brother said I might be bored and want someone to hang out with. Got to love brothers that know who you like, no not really.

If anyone thinks this can turn out to be a date, comment or message me please.
October 18th, 2014 at 06:52am