Autumn Has Arrived and so Have New Stories

Yo yo yo. So (lol rhyme) I've officially completed some stories and can start new ones. As I had posted a blog a few weeks ago asking the general public what of my many ideas I should go with and write stories about, I am here to tell you what stories were voted on and what I am bringing you this Autumn/ Winter season. I've also removed several stories that I knew weren't going to go anywhere worth while, so I've got plenty of room to do some writing. I haven't started some new stuff in quite some time I feel like, but tis the season to do so.

So let's discuss what I've got coming up and what you hopefully find interest in:

Original Fiction:

Cracked Mirrors: A story about two witch covens that have nothing but bad blood between them. I've never actually written anything of this sort, but I'm extremely excited. The concept is that these two opposing covens have had a blood feud for a long time until finally, the families decided to do something about it and chose candidates to bring their family honor and glory. So essentially, if you like witches and are interesting in seeing how opposing sides destined to hate one another come together, definitely read this one.

Finding Clary: Super cute story where two people team up to find an anonymous writer behind an advice column that helped their lives significantly. Ash and Riley will work together and learn a lot about one another while facing the struggles of unveiling the person who impacted their lives so heavily while they also impact one another's lives. Cutesy romance, essentially.


Recalibration: I really love Captain America. One of my favorite stories and more successful stories was a Captain America one, so I'm revisiting my old love and doing something totally different. This doesn't follow the comics or the movies, but it borrows healthily from them. Essentially, Danielle is my character who finds herself in the middle of a mess because she was originally used for bait, and turns out that she's a total weapon. Being a friend of Steve Rogers and younger sister to Bucky Barnes totally bites her in the ass until she remembers who she is. This is supposed to be after The Winter Soldier and stuff, but if you like Steve you should like this?

Incarceration: In honor of The Maze Runner movie release, I've made a Newt story. You don't have to have any prior knowledge on the series, as I'm making it a prequel-type story to The Maze Runner. It is essentially about how The Glade became The Glade and about the very first Gladers to ever arrive. I genuinely love the chapters I've written for this so far because I really get to take Dashner's info and apply it in a way that it's like I'm establishing how his world exists.

Equilibrium: The sequel to my Finnick Odair story, Impavid. Because of the timing I used in Impavid, I felt as though a sequel was beneficial to really delve deeper into Lana and Finnick's relationship as they escaped the Quarter Quell and go to District Thirteen at the beginning of the revolution. This will NOT cover the entire third book and it loosely uses it, as most of it is going to be focused on Lana and Finnick's stories in Thirteen and not Katniss'

So this is by no means the order I'm posting these. I'm also not doing all of these at once. These will most likely start over the next few weeks as I set a groove for how I'm going to post and how frequently I will post. I have to be super careful because I do have other stories that are no where near being done, and I'm most certainly going to overwhelm myself, but I like a lot of these ideas to much to not share them and hope someone else likes them to.

So thanks for reading. Hopefully you take interest in something!!
October 19th, 2014 at 04:28am