RIP Laptop

So you read that title correctly.. my laptop decided last sunday that despite being only three years of age, it wanted to die. Not that it was really old or anything. It just felt the need to go crazy on me AGAIN, for the second time in about four months, to just completely stop working on me and force me into several anxiety attacks because there is no such thing as college without a computer. Seriously, everyone knows you need a computer in college.

Basically, this is why I haven't updated/ responded to anything all week. My laptop stopped working last Sunday, but thankfully before it took it's last breath, I stored all my files for both school and writing on my external and saved it.

Laptop is currently nursing itself. I took it to a mac specialist and they told me that they're pretty sure the operating system failed and that I need to take it to the apple store and they can get in there, run a few tests and fix whatever it is. Unfortunately it was not something I could fix myself, which I usually hope it is.

So this brings me to the topic of how amazing my mother is because I'm currently using my new iMac desktop to write this. A few months ago my laptop took a similar nose dive and went nuts on me and stopped working. That time I didn't have an external and ALL of my homework and an entire project was on my laptop. Thankfully, it was a hard drive malfunction and apple fixed it without doing a clean sweep of my laptop. I don't think I'll be so lucky this time.

Anyways, when that happened around that time, my mom and dad decided they were going to put aside money for me so that they could buy me a new computer, whether it be desktop or laptop safely for back up purposes and so that I'm not in a total screwed position like I have been twice now. Seriously, it is not fun to think that this is the end of your college career. So mom bought me a new desktop, even though I actually had an anxiety attack in the middle of apple and started crying, begging her not to because I felt horrible about it and didn't want her to spend the money. (some of you may know I'm currently having anxiety attacks about everything and this was one of those instances) My mother is a complete saint, and promised that buying one was fine. She also then made me agree that if I don't see a doctor for my anxiety and get something for it within the end of the semester, she's pulling me out of school. That's another topic in itself, though.

Essentially, I'm just super blessed to have a family who has jobs that are good enough to provide me with the things that I have. My family hasn't always been able to extend those kind of finances for me in that way so I'm so thankful that they actually sat down and talked about getting me set up with another computer and making sure that they could afford it without any stress.

(For those wondering why I went as expensive as a mac, it's because my laptop is a mac and going back and forth and transferring files whenever I get it fixed is easier from apple product to apple product. Going from apple to HP or Sony or anything else usually is a bit of a hassle because mac thinks its too good for everyone and isn't compatible with SHIT.)

As of today I'm back up and running. I'm able to write and do homework and post the things that I was working out. Other than that horrible inconvenience and a show of how amazing my family is to me, I'm ready to write and get some stuff done on here. Also, if anyone has tips for how to NOT have anxiety about everything in the entire world.. I'm all open.

October 26th, 2014 at 11:36pm