October Favorites!

So, I had half of this written before I left for Chicago and lost all of it so let me try this again. And, had I not lost it all, it wouldn't have been late but I guess that's kind of my tradition now. I feel like I'm always late with these. But, another issue is that October was so incredibly busy for me that I hardly had time to do anything so the chances of this blog being very long are slim to none. School is continuing to kick my butt and suck up my social life. But I've got a new area I'm starting this time and it's because fall is the best time of year for many reason but one thing in particular - the clothes!



Is there anything better than an over-sized cozy sweater? No. No there isn't. I love baggy sweaters and leggings, chilling inside with a cup of hot cocoa (with several marshmallows). Sweaters are perfect because they are so versatile but they are also so useful. They keep you snuggly and warm while also transforming your look - you can be cute, edgy, chic ... there are sweaters to complete any look. It's a staple for fall fashion (if you live some place that gets cold - I live in Ohio and fall is perfect weather of 40-50 degrees. Which is my favorite. Summer can suck it - I hate being hot hahaha.


Scarves are my favorite. I love scrunching down in them so my mouth and nose are covered and they are warm and soft and cute. Talk about another necessary staple for fall and winter that transcends styles - you can dress a scarf however you want it and that is uber important. I like things that can change like a chameleon. So you're feeling spunky punky today? Grab that black one and throw it over a flannel with some jeans and combat boots. Feeling cute and snuggly? Grab that super soft grey one and throw it over a baggy sweater with leggings and Keds. They can do it all.


Give me a baggy flannel and I'm a happy girl. I went through a grunge phase where it was all I wore but now I think I finally know how to wear one properly without looking homeless. I prefer the ones with red in them because with some jeans and red lipstick you can look both super cute but also stay super comfy. They are also warm and so useful during the chillier temps, too. I always button mine, but unbuttoned looks great on some girls. I just can't pull that off. Plus, I'm always cold.


Two birds with one stone in this picture - boots and tights and they go so well together, too. This was unintentional but I liked this picture and it accurately displays three things I love, not just two. For one - boots are literally the best. I wear them year round but they are most appropriate in the fall and winter. Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that, more than any other kind of shoe, I own the most different pairs of boots. I just love them. Practical and cute. And tights, well, I love dresses and I want to wear them year round so tights are a necessity. I also go for the knee high socks but as temperatures continue to drop tights are also needed. The third thing in this picture I love is velvet - the perfect material. My favorite and you can never have enough.


Nothing like a good leather jacket. I bought a dark green one last spring and it's perfect and chic and you can never go wrong with the traditional black motorcycle jacket (mine is custom with Star Wars and Killer Klowns from Outerspace buttons because how can you not?). Fall and spring are really the only time you can break these puppies out if you're up in the northern states like me (Ohio, represent) because then it gets way too cold and they just aren't practical anymore. But I'm getting as much use out of mine as I can this fall before I have to part with them for heavier coats. Though, I like those, too. I'm just a jacket fan in general.


I wear hats year round, too, but there is something about a good wool floppy brim hat in the fall that is absolute perfection. My mom always jokes that I have a hat fetish and I do buy a lot of hats - all kinds - but I just happen to think they look good, okay? I love knit hats, baseball hats, floppy hats, bowlers ... I can't get enough. The only downside is the wind. Wind is a hat's mortal enemy. So you have to be careful but they keep you warm since heat escapes out your head. One of the few things I remember from health class. Or was it science? Either way ... I like hats.



1. N.E.R.D. - I have been on a huge kick lately. I listened to N.E.R.D almost my entire trip to Chicago, forgetting how much I always loved them. Pharrell's voice is gold but their music is way better than his solo stuff in my opinion. My music of October has been slightly more hip hop than normal and they just top my 'charts' for the month, so to speak. "Hypnotize U" is my favorite song. It's sexy and so is the video if I remember correctly. Pharrell in a shower ...


2. Rilo Kiley - Jenny Lewis ... I just want to be bffs with her. She's so classically cool. Both with the band and solo - I'll love her stuff forever. And not only is she talented, but she just seems like one of the coolest girls to hang out with. Women, I guess. I think she's older than me by a few years or so haha. Fun fact - I am currently listening to them as I type this up. "Dejalo" (ft. Too $hort) is one of my favorites. "Portions for Foxes" is a classic, though.


3. Chromeo - ALWAYS. I have the biggest crush on David Macklovitch. He is one of my big crushes. He reminds me of a boy I used to know, maybe that's why. Also I must have a Jewish fetish because Jay Baruchel is my dream guy. But anyways - Chromeo is always good. You need a song to dance to? They are my immediate go-to. "Old 45's" is one of my favorite songs in general, not just by them. It's just fun music and I love to dance so it's a win-win.


Due to yet another season of The Walking Dead starting up again, this month's edition of favorite gents is The Zombie Killer Edition!


I have had a thing for the sheriff since day one. And, is it just me, or does the full beard really work for him? I like him scruffy, definitely, but bearded is good too. What a silver fox. I even liked him when he went off the deep end a little. Is that weird? I mean, I don't want him all demented and inhumane but I like a guy that can protect me while also just being completely adorable with his kids. Also, am I the only person on the planet that genuinely adores Carl?


Like every other girl in the world that watched TWD, I love me some Daryl Dixon. Not just because it's Norman Reedus who is perfect little baby face but also because his character is just so lovable because he doesn't know love. And it's tragic and you just want to hold him. Or at least I do. I am attempting with all my might to write a Daryl story but he's so complex that it's super tough. But he's just presh. I adore him.


UGH THE WAY HE IS WITH MAGGIE THOUGH. OMG is he the perfect man to have at your side in the apocalypse or what? Well. Current Glenn. Glenn in the beginning was a little of a wuss hahaha. But Glenn now - the way he searched for her and the way he looks at her ... Don't get me wrong - he's attractive all on his own but everything about the way he is with her makes him even more attractive to me.


You know, I always forget how much I adore this movie. It's hilarious and you don't see many hilarious zombie movies these days, you know? And, okay, neither of these guys are conventionally attractive but I really just love them. Columbus is geeky and cute and there is something so charming about a guy that can't talk to girls. And Tallahassee ... Okay, this is weird. But I have a HUGE crush on Woody Harrelson. I KNOW THAT IT IS STRANGE BUT IT IS REAL AND I LOVE HIM OKAY? Don't judge me.


The chosen story this month ...

Equilibrium, by Carpe Diem !
Characters: Finnick Odair & Lana Laudree
Plot: This is the sequel to Noelle's story, Impavid and it follows our victors into District 13, continuing the adventure.
I am absolutely IN LOVE with Finnick and Lana's love story so far and I can't wait to see where it's going. The atmosphere that Noelle has created reads just like it's a companion piece for the actual Hunger Games stories. Really makes you feel like you're in in and that is remarkable. Read the first story first, obviously. This sequel is just getting started and I know it's going to be good.

My story spotlight ...

I had a little difficulty here because I haven't been working on much lately but I've been feeling my first Teen Wolf babe so ...
Broken Lungs
Characters: Isaac Lahey & Finn Fjórða
Plot: Isaac, despondent and dealing with loss (trying not to give spoilers but you'll have to be relatively up to date with the show if you read it), sets off for Paris to cope. Entering into a mysterious and magical club, he meets a beautiful blonde by the name of Finn who is more than just a little enchanting.
Romance, magic, mystery, drama ... and Isaac. Lots of Isaac being absolutely charming and adorable and precious little puppy wolf. Hopefully an update will be up before the end of the week. Long overdue, I know.

So, that's pretty much it. Like I said, I haven't done much this past month. Hopefully this month I'll have more to write about.
Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Erin
November 6th, 2014 at 12:31am