NaNoWriMo AKA Reviving an Old Story

So I changed my NaNo story from my Next Generation fanfiction to an original story I started a few months ago and thought it was time to bring it back from the dead.

It's a two part series told from the perspective of Emilie Chamberlain, a bookwormish Londoner and is centred around her somewhat doomed relationship with aspiring musician, Raleigh Prince. The first is called In My Veins and the second, Light Up, Light Up takes place three years after the ending of In My Veins.
It's sort of a diary format, but it's also got letters that Emilie has written to Raleigh.

It's inspired by my own extremely confusing long-distance sort of relationship (I don't even know what it is anymore) as well as the movie Like Crazy and heavily inspired by Andrew Belle's In My Veins, Run by Snow Patrol, Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol, some Arctic Monkeys songs and the freakishly attractive Alex Turner.








You suck dude. I hate your guts.

But yeah, I really love this story so far, probably because it's a way to get out some of my own feelings and thoughts as I've been through a relationship like this.

That and I love Emilie and Raleigh so much and I can't stop making graphics of them for this story :P

November 8th, 2014 at 08:39pm