I'm Engaged Part Two.

We haven't been torn apart yet.

The guest list has been done again, people have been took off and people have been added and tomorrow Jim is taking a chunk of the invitations while I'm at work. After work I will take a chunk to my family. This will consist of sitting with my gran for a few hours and hoping everyone can come and pick them up from her house.

The venue has been booked. It was the Working mans club I would go to with my Grandad when I was younger, I used to go and pick him up from there after bingo when I got a bit older and he stopped going on a Saturday evening. I have a lot of good memories there. Jim's dad also used to spend a lot of his time there so it felt like a nice nod towards them both.

I have asked my maid of honour who was practically in tears at the idea. She is so happy for me, a few people have said they will be coming to the party as well.

Besides the tears at having no one to give me away I think a big chunk of the work has been done.

Oh, I've also sorted the cake. I'm going to have lots of cupcakes and then a chocolate sponge cake with white embossed icing with a purple Rise Against logo on. (Purple and Rise Against are going to be a continuous theme)
November 10th, 2014 at 08:44pm