All Good Things Come to an End

It has been a good run, a little over four years of this. However now, I'm retiring from the hockey fandom for several reasons:

1. I'm writing original stories mostly now.
2. I'm looking to get publish/self-publish within the next six months.
3. I'm just not into writing hockey fic at all anymore.

I'm still a hockey fan, I love my Flyers. I'm still going to be wearing the orange and black. I'll pop in and read fics from writers that are still writing on here (psst, PensRock, I need more Red Staal and Celeste!) but I'm done writing hockey fic.

I'm not pulling anything down though. I could submit Confessions of a One Night Stand/Bad Habits but I've decided to leave them here as they are so they can be enjoyed by future hockey fic fans. There may actually be an influx of some of my older fic on here, such as two very NC-17 Sidney Crosby fics, because I'm deleting my bloggers.

It's been fun, I've loved my time here. It's time for me to fade to the black.


November 11th, 2014 at 04:00am