Hey guys!

So I've been meaning to talk about a lot of things on my mind. I've been wanting to talk more about race and then I've been wanting to talk about feminism and then I've been wanting to talk about a lot of other things that, to be blunt, a lot of mibbians don't know/think about on a daily basis.

I kind of made it my goal to talk about more serious topics on this site and be a symbol of education and progression. (As I kind of stated here.)

So since that blog I have started talking about those things, and many debates about some subjects. Some have been AMAZING and progressive and, of course, some have been nasty and I think at least 2+ people on this site now hate me or want to curse me out.

But there has been progress nonetheless.

And as I keep thinking and talking/writing about these hit me.

Like, how can I go and speak about these things and try to make myself and other people aware about them when I've completely skipped over the basics.


It all starts with the word ally.

Before I talk about privilege,race, feminism, and more. I have to talk about the word ally and what it means because in some shape, way, or form...we all have to be one.

Chescaleigh is an amazing YouTuber who is not only funny, but hella progressive. She talks about all the issues I talk about and more, but she's a lot more eloquent when talking about them. She made a video yesterday that really sums up everything that I want to say about ally and is the main reason behind this blog.

This is the starting point. It all starts with ally. Now that the word is out there and I've said it, I feel like now I can really move forward and push for certain things on this site.

Don't be afraid to talk about it, btw. Progression comes with conversation and action.

That's pretty much it. Love you guys.

Bye. <3
November 23rd, 2014 at 08:11pm