Giving Thanks

I was tagged by the lovely Katie Mosing for list things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. 5 seems to be the trend so let's see if I can do this.

Okay, here goes:

1. My parents/ family. Both biological and legal (step). Despite me not having a close relationship with my step father for personal reasons I have built, I am grateful for him and every single one of them. It really does take a village to raise a kid. Each in their own way have really shaped me through experience and their nuggets of wisdom. I am forever grateful for them because without them...who would I be?

2. My education. I know I talk a lot of shit about the current school I am in now, but I am grateful for it. Despite the sadness of not being able to graduate from my initial alma matter I spent my first two years of high school with, I am happy to be in the school I am in now cause despite all the less than good aspects about it, it could be a lot worse. I have also met some pretty rad people along the way. I also have been able to keep little bits of creativity along the way and have not once felt crushed for having them, but rather encouraged to be creative. I am excited to graduate and open the door they they have unlocked for me in order to get to the next step.

3. My friends. On and offline. The people that I have around me are the most bright, talented, creative, and plain amazing girls ever. We just get each other. I adore all of them and even the ones I'm not super close with, I will support to the moon and back. I am excited to spend the retreat with them tomorrow through Wednesday and the rest of the year we have as seniors.

4. My internship. This could have gone under school, but I feel it needs it's own number. I haven't been at it for super long, but I am thankful for it all came upon chance. If I didn't follow my best friend to her interview I would have never known of the amazing opportunity that it is and how much I can gain from it. Interning at a law firm at any level is nothing to take lightly especially with so many kind and close people and I am grateful for it.

5. Being able-bodied. Like thank the universe and the highest power. It's a think a lot of people tend to look over, myself included, and I am thankful for that. Nothing is a challenge for me. I live in one of the biggest cities in the world, and there are many things in my day that I would not be able to do if I wasn't abled. I am thankful I can see, hear, and walk to the best of my ability and I don't have to struggle because of that. It's a privilege that I have that I thank my lucky stars for.

I tag Deyla, Hina, Rianne, and Kelly.

Y'all know who you are.

<3 Bye.
November 24th, 2014 at 01:37am