Hit Home (Ferguson)

Fuck it.

I was gonna bite my tongue and fall back a bit.

But fuck it.

I don't care how any of you feel about me and/or Ferguson but this is my literal life on the line. I am a black face in a white place and due to systematic oppression, I'm in a constant state of worry and danger.

I've put out facts. I've written personal statements.

I've exposed myself on every level a person can expose themself and then some.

And I'm sick of being nice.

I've dealt/seen so much shit. This entire situation has put me on such a rollercoaster.

And from all of it, I just want people to know that it won't stop.

Michael Brown was a small piece of a situation that was bound to happen with or without him.

Black bodies are sick of being second-rate citizens in a country that it's very existence has been built upon racism.

To put it short and blunt, you're either for or against it.

And if you're against it, get a thick skin or you're going to get burned.

Change doesn't happen by sipping tea. You go out there, get in people's faces, make them see, make them feel.

Do I condone the assholes who take it too far? Fuck no. That's not the movement.

But if you get uncomfortable, that's the fucking point.

If you're a non-black person. This isn't about you.

Yes. If you want to support, be there. We love that shit. Help us raise our voices.

But don't over power or try to shut us up.

We have to do this for change.

Black kids look older to cops.

This has been scientifically proven.

Have you ever watched the news and listen to how they refer to black kids under the age of 20?

"Young man." "Young woman"

The word 'child' is rarely ever used.

We have to do this for change.

Black women die at the same rates of black boys.

They need just as much protection. They're the front lines of the movements yet the most invisible.

They're just as terrified.

Black girls don't want black babies.

They think mixed children is the solution.

More white, more privilege.

So even if they take half the black away, they still have a better chance.

We have to do this for change.

I was raised to not trust black cops either.

I was told there was no worser cop than a black cop.

They have something to prove.


It's horrible and awful and cold.

Do you know what it's like to live in a society where it feels like no one is there for you?

No one to protect you?

No one to uphold your rights?

No one to hold the ladder as you climb BUT YOU?!?

It's shitty. It's a terrifying cycle that keeps on happening.

Just saying.

I'm not open to debate for comments. Fair warning. I'm on my worse behavior with nothing to lose. So try me.

Cause if it wasn't Mike, it could've been me.


End of.
November 27th, 2014 at 06:54pm