2015 to-Do List | Comment Swap

I know I still have a little over a month to be thinking about new years resolutions, but I was thinking about just starting my list - I know that a lot of it is going to be writing related.

2015 List:
- start working about at least 3x a week, eventually get up to 6x a week.
- eat better! (holidays are the worst time to start it so I'm allowing myself to enjoy cookies and pie)
- Finish a fanfiction or two and work on some one-shots
- compete in a couple writing contests

Comment Swap:

So if we are friends, I'm sure you know that I am working on a story called His Wings, which is a Daryl Dixon fanfic with an original character. I'm loving reading Walking Dead fanfics at the time, but I am looking to read whatever you can offer.

1. You get what you give. (I only have one chapter so far, so I'm not expecting much).
2. I will be looking at everything - it may take some time depending on how much I get.
3. I'm not the hugest fan of slash, but I don't mind smut.
November 28th, 2014 at 02:09am