Holiday Weekends | Questions of the Day

This weekend has been a long one, between Thanksgiving and working the midnight shift at work, friends coming over and trying to get the right amount of sleep - I'm just ready for a day off.. and that won't be until Wednesday.

I can say that in between all this craziness, I've come across some great stories and I've been able to get a little writing done on the next chapter of His Wings. I'm hoping to have the next chapter updated by tomorrow or Tuesday.

I will be keeping true to my work about it being updated weekly, but eventually I'd like to have more frequent updates, but that will have to be after the holidays.

1. Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving? (If you live in the US)
2. Is there a meal that you enjoy the most?
3. Excited for The Walking Dead mid-season finale tonight?
November 30th, 2014 at 03:40pm