My Magical Incestuous Mibba Family

My Magical Incestuous Mibba Family.

These are some of the best people I have ever met, I love them all and if you haven't met them you are missing out on some great laughs.

Shalisa is my mother because I am her and Frank Iero’s illegitimate love child.
Sneki is my father and she is God so that makes me Jesus.
I have twins Tony and Chel I am their XenaFairy Warrior Princess Father, they are married and have a child together named Toby and I am his hermaphrodite godparent.
The mother to my two beautiful children is the wonderful Tiff who’s sister is Kayla who is my sister in law. Tony is also married to Tiff which makes my daughter my sister in law also.
Isa is my sister through my illegitimate mother.
Shannon is my Wifey, now under normal circumstances I refuse to get tied down but she is Post Goddess so she can do what she wants.
My master is Erin because I am her skittle eating minion named Chester.
I am Elle's sunshine child.
Ezz is my pet vampire twin.
Last but not least Jess is my pet freak named John, she is a toilet.
I am co-founder of the Potter Family and I am Draco Malfoy.

Last but never least I am in the Dr Who Family

Anneliese is Doctor.
I am the Face of Bo.
Julia, Shalisa and Serena are The Doctors ass-kicking companions.
Vonnifer is Captain Jack.
Jo and Anneliese have a band called The Time Lords. They play She's A Rebel. I am the manager.
Luz is Rose, but isn't stuck in a parellel universe.
Jo is K9, the robot dog who's not a robot.

They are all beautiful and I am quite proud to call these people my friends.
October 3rd, 2007 at 06:36pm