Always Early.

J and I share a car and to be totally honest, I hate driving. It always scares the shit out of me and the only time I will drive is when someone else is in the car with me - not that they can really do much besides make sure that I don't hit anyone on their side of the vehicle.

But the upside to us always sharing a car is that I'm always early for work.

I don't mind it. I usually bring my tablet (like right now) and do some writing. I'm currently still working on updating His Wings. The other day I was able to get about two sentences down before more pressing things had to get done.

Game plan is to have it updated no later than tomorrow so that way I can start working on the other chapters. I will also be starting my Norman Reedus fanfic soon. I'm just in the beginning stages of plotting it out. Ever since NaNo prep, I can't bring myself to write blindly. I think I've always just needed some sort of outline to at least remind myself of where I wanted it to go.


Alright, more coffee! And send happy vibes my way.. working retail this holiday season for the second year and I'm already over people.
December 5th, 2014 at 02:07pm