Help Me Choose a Character's Name!

Bonjour Mibba!

So this entry will be sans all cute emoticons because it's just a quick desperate please help me because decision-making is not my forte and all you wonderful Mibba people have such great opinions that I would like you to share them with me! :3

... please. .__.

So, I have this story in the works, and I'm torn for the name of one of the main character love interest boy things.
You understand what I'm saying.
Just please help me choose a name, haha.

He's a sort of cocky, lowkey nerdy, hot-tempered, stubborn, confrontational, adventurous, lively type of fellow. If that's painting a picture in your head?

So just look at these names I've gathered (or throw a couple out that maybe popped into your head when you read that) and please comment.
Pretty please.
I'm hoping this aesthetically pleasing please will persuade you. :D

Now release the names!

(that sounded a lot cooler in my head, probably)


That's all I've found that I'm leaning towards, maybe that reveals what types of names I like.
If it helps, my main character is called Harper.
I don't think it does.

Anyway, please help? T.T
December 9th, 2014 at 01:31am