Top Four Music Releases of 2014!

So I'm a huge music person, much like nearly everyone on this site, so I've decided to compile my top four favorite albums/eps that came out in 2014. I know four is a weird number but these four are my absolute favorites.

4. Acoustic EP - PVRIS; released April 1st

Acoustic is a collection of four of the five songs from PVRIS' now deleted debut EP. It's not really acoustic, more like toned down versions that coincide with their 'new' sound that features ambient sounds and more programming.
Favorite songs: Mind Over Matter and Only Love

3. Restoring Force by Of Mice & Men; released January 28th

With it being their third record, OM&M have stepped it up big time. Going in I already knew it was going to be amazing as it's OM&M's first album with new bassist and vocalist Aaron Pauley, who is, honestly, such a delight and perfect addition to the band. The album has eleven tracks and out of those, nine are so solid that you kind of forget about the crappiness of You’re Not Alone and Bones Exposed. The songs themselves aren’t bad, I get why they’re on the record, I just don’t think they’re strong single choices when you have songs like Identity Disorder and You Make Me Sick. A lot of fans didn’t like this record because of the lack of Austin’s vocals and the style change, I, however, enjoy Austin’s new vocal style, and in my opinion it’s the best he’s ever sounded, including his work with Attack Attack!
Favorite songs: You Make Me Sick, Glass Hearts, and Space Enough to Grow

2. Neon EP by Versa; released January 21st

This is officially Versa’s first release, formerly called Versaemerge they released three eps and one full length album before being released from Fueled by Ramen records and pursing a new project Versa, where they would release songs from their defunct Another Atmosphere, which FBR refused to release. Neon is a different sound from their FBR releases, including the Another Atmosphere Preview, which the songs from Neon were supposed to be included on the actual album. The three songs have a cohesive theme of songs you would hear in an indie movie about moody teenagers, but they’re also good. I’ve been a fan of Versa(emerge) since their Perceptions EP that released back in 2008 and even with the sound change, I’ve never been disappointed with a song that Sierra and Blake have written.
Favorite song: Illusion

1. White Noise by PVRIS; released November 4th

Yeah, I know PVRIS is already on this list but is it my fault that they have two flawless releases this year?
I first heard of PVRIS in September of 2013 when they were opening for A Skylit Drive. I’m not exaggerating when I say that they were the best band to play that night, and I was fan from the minute they finished their first song. I remember texting my friend ‘holy shit they’re actually really fucking good’, I bought their self-titled EP that night and have been a huge fan ever since. But enough with that story, let’s get to this record because holy shit. This is honestly one of the best records I’ve heard, and with it being a debut full length, like what? It’s absolutely brilliant. Lynn’s voice is out of control and her lyric writing skills have improved since the self-titled. From the second the drums kick in on Smoke (album drums were done by There For Tomorrow’s Chris Kamrada btw) you just know this record is going to be killer. Everyone from Jordan and Oli from BMTH to Brian Dales from The Summer Set is a fan of PVRIS and it’s understandable why; they’re changing the game. I know that’s so cliché, but it’s absolutely true. The trio (who is rounded out with guitarist Alex and bassist Brian, who both do programming and keys) landed at number 14 on the Billboard charts with White Noise, which was produced/co-wrote by Blake Harnage (who provided backing vocals with his Versa bandmate Sierra). The record has signature rock songs like Fire and Let Them In, but also features almost 1980s inspired pop songs entitled Holy and Mirrors, there’s a slower song entitled Eyelids, and most played song of decade, first single St. Patrick. Honestly, I could go on about this record forever and ever and ever because I love it so much, but I’ll save you that because it would just be a jumbled mess of ‘I LOVE PVRIS SO MUCH SOMEONE HOLD ME.’
Favorite songs: Fire, Ghosts, and Let Them In

\So there is my four favorite releases from 2014, what are yours?
December 10th, 2014 at 07:11am