No More Mr. Nice Guy // Hey!

Time: 01:37 P.M.
Date: 12.11.14
Tunes: No More Mr. Nice Guy // Alice Cooper
Mood: tired

Hey! Okay, um, first off - I am so super, terribly, incredibly sorry I just kind of disappeared on y'all! I have become so super busy with working and school. Ugh, it's so much but I am almost done! I have rest of this week, and then finals week next week and I am so stressed out and tired, but it's going to be okay! Oh, hey, look at the complex sentence right there!

Hahaha, guys, I hate college. I hate it with a passion. College students get screwed over a lot, but it's life. College is like Pre-Hell and then after college they throw you into Post-Hell well you always look like a porcelain doll because they beat that shit into you. Seriously. If you don't come to class after a certain amount of days? You're dropped. You don't take the final? You fail. You like money? Don't get used to it. No matter how much financial aid you receive, you still end up spending your entire life savings on college. That's including a five hundred dollar book you never opened.

The Brightside is the semester is almost over...

I hate to just cut into this but what the actual fuck, computer. I'm blogging right now, and you want to mess it up by capitalizing Brightside. LOOK! YOU DID IT AGAIN STOP IT YOU FECKING FECK.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. The semester is almost over, which is fabulous because I am so tired y'all. I can't take in anymore information from class. I'm so stressed about everything.

How are y'all? Did y'all have a good Thanksgiving? Getting excited for Christmas? Ready for the New Year? Going to be writing 2014 for the first six months of 2015? Yeah, me too. At least I will be one semester down with three semesters left. I go to a year-round college where instead of taking a summer break, we are unfortunately getting a three week break between spring and summer semester and then a two week break between summer and fall semester. Oh, and summer semester is a bitch because you have to cram everything in your head for 10 weeks instead of 15 weeks. SUMMER SEMESTER IS THE SPAWN OF SATAN.

I'm hungry, so I'm gonna go fetch a burger or taco. So, bye!

P.S. I will try my very best to finish Emma sometime soon!
December 11th, 2014 at 07:47pm