Accept Your Oppressors and Move On

There is another movement being born in the United States, if you’re a minority, you see it, if you’re not if you’re white, you may not. It tears me apart, seeing this and knowing the history of what has happened in the past. Why? Because I am going to be affected. I am going to feel the repercussions and backlashes of this injustice spreading throughout the country. Why? I am black.

I can’t stress how depressing and crushing it is to feel like I’m losing my freedoms. It’s frightening. All I think about concerning these riots and policemen killing black civilians is that it could be me, and no white man or white woman would blink an eye because I’m black. My life is meaningless, and it’s disgusting that I’ve felt some of the Mibbians here have reinforced that idea in me. My life as a black person is less important because you may feel threatened by it. It is okay for you to murder me, and go back to your family without punishment. Without trial, without justice for me. I am so distraught.

I am still upset. In fact, this rips at me every day. I can’t stop thinking about it, I can’t forget it like you all can because you won’t be affected in the long run. I’m scared for my future here, are you? Either way, I’m disgusted by what I’ve seen here since I returned.

I don’t agree with what Wilson did to Michael Brown in fact, I think it’s so obviously a crime, he should be in prison, but my opinion doesn’t matter. That’s what I’ve learned here. I’ve learned that in order to post anything, I should censor myself or maybe not post at all. I’ve learned that biases are never ignored and as always, the majority is always right. I’ve found I can’t be here anymore.

I see people on here struggling to keep it alive and the forums barely coming along, the activity is low and the content of the site isn’t even good. I wanted to be happy here and now I don’t even want to stay. So I’m not. I decided it’s not worth it, and I really don’t care. My friends are gone, in fact, one made a site I’m happy to post on instead, many are around my Tumblr, enough have me on Facebook. There are days I felt like I ought to come back and make an effort here but the ridiculousness of this website is too much, the pettiness and childishness is beyond me, and so I’m just going to go. I don’t plan on coming back unless it’s to make themes for friends that can still put up with this site. I just don’t see the point. The site is dead to me.

To all of my friends still here that I love so dearly, PM me if you want my contact information, Facebook, things like that. To everyone else that wants to seek me out, you can message me on Tumblr at drmsmr. I had plans to tell you all when I'll be vaulting competitively so you could watch me on TV or youtube but I'm just going to put it on Tumblr instead.

I hope everyone has a great holiday, I hope everyone grows up at least a little.

- Tchao.
December 11th, 2014 at 11:16pm