My Biggest Pet Peeve in Stories

by golly blog about this.

Hence, the blogging. And since it's story related I figure it sort of fits into this thing we've got going here on Mibba so I feel like you guys will get this. You feel me?

But also I feel like I may be sort of alone on this because a lot of people actually feel the exact opposite on this, but I don't know, I'm weird.

Like, for the most part everyone can agree like the cardinal rule of story titles is not to make one of those long, self-explanatory ones (THE BAD BOY PLAYER SUPER HOT VAMPIRE PRINCE WANTS TO HAVE MY BABY, THE BOOKISH NERD VIRGIN? AND WE ARE EX-CHILDHOOD FRIENDS? AND THERES ALSO A BET IN THERE? BUT THIS ISNT A RIP OFF OF SHES ALL THAT BECAUSE DUH VAMPIRES) (by the way you better reference me if you wanna use that because that's written gold right there) (I better get a percentage of the royalties) and I agree with that obviously. I have grown from my Quizilla days (nostalgic sigh) and can recognize how not good that is.

BUT ON THE FLIP SIDE other than a couple of exceptions (so don't like throw me under a bus if I contradict this ever) I hate one worded titles. Like, unless it's a super cool word (tomfoolery, shenanigans are some fine exceptions) they totally turn me off.

Like, I saw a poster today that said read the new book Captivated, and don't forget to check Burned, Forgotten and Television (that's a lie I'm just making up that last one but the other's are true). Especially when it's something as generic as Burned. That does not pique my interest at all, I think generic one word title generic book. If the title doesn't interest me I'm not running I go read the rest of it.

They just seem unimaginative to me, no offence to like the millions of people that have them, it's just what I cartage rouse
then as in my head as soon as I see them.

And they're SO popular like I said I just saw that poster today.

And I'm talking like super generic one word titles too.



Like unless you really have a great one word title, mostly
I'm just like ehhhhhhh.

But I'm probably way alone on this.
December 18th, 2014 at 11:09pm