Tips on Making Extra Cash?

hey guys!

I need any of your tips on earning extra cash. I have a job, but its just not cutting it. Please do not suggest surveys, apps like gigwalk, or freelancing because I've treid them all. Also, I will not do babysitting because I hate kids. And I can't do anything cheesy like a freaking lemonade stand because I live in the middle of no where and it's winter.


I was thinking about buying books from the thrift store and selling them on amazon, but the problem is I don't know which books I can easily sell for a profit. Tips on that?

I have to pay my phone bill, pay for my books this semester, and pay for my gass (I drive 100 miles a day), plus it's Christmas time. I'm desperate.

Please help.
December 20th, 2014 at 03:27am