Updates and Rantables 12/26

I'm gonna make that my journal title from now on.

Anyways, I updated Bury Me, which I also changed the name of. (I wasn't very interested in the one that I had, or the layout, so it's been changed.) The second chapter was basically a repost with a few spelling checks, but I edited some of the third chapter out and added other stuff so, for the most part, that's new. Go on and check it out, it's called Night of the Hunter now.

Also, I think I've decided to work on Titanium for my 1d story. I may decide to change which one I'm working on, but for now that's it. Once I've finished Titanium I'm gonna work on Paper Wings.

That's all I have for updates atm.

On to the Rantables portion:
I'm really infuriated right now.

I joined a skype chat with my friend, and it was just us, and then he started like, google circle chatting with other people. And I could hear them talking and it was whatever, but like, he wasn't talking to me. But he was talking with them. And I tried several times to be in on this conversation or at least get a response and even said, "I'm going to hang up," because what's the point of being in a skype chat if he's not even going to talk to me? And he just ignored me.

So I hung up and he was like, "oh, sorry." And I told him he wasn't because obviously he was enjoying himself in this other chat I wasn't a part of and he said, "I wasn't ignoring you."


So I just said I was gonna play The Wolf Among Us and he hasn't said anything. But I'm so mad. Like, how you're gonna lie straight to my face like that bruh? "I wasn't ignoring you." Like fuck man, everyone knows exactly what it feels like to be ignored and that is literally what you were doing. You can't really cover that up.

(anyone wanna watch my twitch stream or talk to me on skype?)
December 27th, 2014 at 06:37am