Hey all,

I think this is going to be a rant more than a blog but lately I am full of so much hate.

I just hate money. I fell like in this super massive debt black hole with a job that barely pulls me out. As soon as I feel on top of it BAM bills bills and more bills and then I just stress and get ill and stress more cause I'm sick and cant work or go out and have a life.

I legit feel like just quitting. Lock myself away in a room and just sleep forever; the only stress there is running away from scary dream monsters :s

I just worry way to much. I want to be carefree about things but my brain is like nope if you don't think about everything that could happen how will you be prepared to face it.

At the moment life just stinks. except for the boy friend part. thats nice. just everything else; which I know it'll all work out. Just wished it'd hurry up already.

Just sigh and hate..

That is all.

Shayney out.
December 28th, 2014 at 02:06pm