Not Completely Back

Hello Mibbians!

Well, I have been gone for a while now and I am not even sorry, since I feel like the site is not like it was before. I am back but I won't be back to the fullest. The only reason I decided to make an appearance was because of my dearest friend, sister and bestie, Viking; formerly known as Theo Rossi;. I will eventually write again when I get either motivation to do so or my "mojo" back which I am not all that eager or in a hurry to gain. My family is great. I am doing pretty good and job is great. I am currently on my Christmas vacation and enjoying it to the fullest.

I know most of you don't care but those of you who do I've missed you and just give me time to be like I was before and update my stories when I can.

Love always, Christie aka Rp

muuakisss! *wink*
December 29th, 2014 at 07:17pm