Site-Wide Story Trial (Part I)

For this trial, I want to try a simple story with a plot that's moved forward by each chapter and each author. Each author would get assigned a chapter in advanced, and once the person before them completes and posts their chapter, the next writer in line, takes over and continues from that point.

To get this going, I was thinking of a 100 word goal per chapter and each author would only have one day to get their chapter in before they would be skipped over and the next author would take over. (If you miss you turn, you're just added to the end of the line and you'll get a new chapter assignment.)

If you're interested in participating in this trial, post here to let me know.
Some Stuff About This

- Not sure yet how the story posting will be organized.
- Sure that each chapter will have to be quickly proofread (so if you're interest in that, let me know)
- Might with a few "gatekeepers" - who'll have actual access to the story and will publish/add the chapters and add in all the credits and stuff
- Will need someone to design a layout
- We'll need someone to quickly come up with a plot and a long summary
- This is just a trial run
January 12th, 2015 at 09:53pm