To the readers of "Jersey Vampire"

Okay, first off. Picture! Actually drawings, by my friend Amira of Aidan and Eliza.


Eliza, the hunter. I let Amira have fun with her. There was a saying on the drawing as well,

"Day or night,
I'll hunt you down,
Skin off your body,
Rip out your teeth...

And sell them on eBay!" To me it doesn't sound like her, but I tought it was funny.

Number Next:


Aidan, the bram. A bram is a vampire who has betrayed the entire vampire race by either killing a vampire or joining forces with a hunter to exterminate vampires.

That's all the drawings, on to story chat!

Okay, "Jersey Vampire" will be closing soon, within ten chapters. Now don't get the pitchforks ready yet, there will be a sequel. Possibly called "The Grey Alliance", which I will explain later in this story, or in the summary of the next story.

Comments on the story are much appreciated. Did you notice my banner? I made it myself! ^.^
October 6th, 2007 at 10:23am