PoC Youtubers

So Audrey T. and bayard rustin; have both posted blogs about their favourite PoC youtubers, and I thought I'd hop right on that little bandwagon. I've got quite a few PoC youtubers I'd like to recommend, so here we go.

Anna Akana
Anna does a lot of sketch comedy, and she's also made a few short films.

Franchesca is a vlogger who talks a lot about race/racism.

A booktuber who's currently doing a series about black authors.

Rincey Reads
Another booktuber! Rincey consistently makes good reviews.

Marina is a vlogger who's just started making a series called Feminist Fridays, where she talks about different feminist issues.

Paul Roth
Another vlogger. Paul talks about a lot of different subjects, and his 'Letters to Santa' series is definitely worth checking out,

A channel about feminism, hosted by the lovely Jasmine.

Kat Blaque
An awesome trans lady who vlogs about trans issues, feminism, and race. (She has a second channel here).

Claudia Boleyn
I mentioned Claudia in my January Favourites blog, and she really is wonderful. She's bi-racial, and talks a lot about feminism, and also reviews a few tv shows. (She also has a music channel).
February 8th, 2015 at 03:00am