A Weight Loss Journey to End All Journeys

Hey guys! This time I'm discussing my weight loss journey. It's far from over, but this is the farthest I've come EVER. Sorry if it's not very interesting >.>

OK. So this all began a long long time ago. (In a galaxy far away...you're awesome if you caught that reference ^_^)

I've been obese my whole life. Granted that's only 20 short years, but it's enough. I've always been big. And not the good healthy kind of big. This led to depression, and nonexistent self-esteem. I contantly compared myself to others. Constantly struggled in day to day activites. Told myself I wasn't good enough and I was never going to be.

Well I was wrong. It took a long time to see that.

Over the years I tried many many things. I tried Alli, which did work for a short amount of time, but it had side effects I didn't like. I tried Lipo 6, but didn't see any results. I tryed covering myself in plastic wrap. I tryed starving myself, lasted a whole 4 days. DON'T EVER DO THAT!

Everything I tried I failed at shortly after. I had no motivation. No commitment. I didn't want to do the hard work required to rid myself of the weight I had packed on for many years. I knew that there was really only one solution to my weight problem. I had to eat healthy, and workout at least an hour a day.

My biggest motivator has been my mother. She was healthy when she was younger. She served as a United States Marine. However, once she had four kids, she gained weight and hasn't lost it since. This has caused knee, back, and ankle problems for her. She has lectured me since before I can remember about getting healthy. I'm prone to Diabetes and she didn't want that for me.

It always pained me to know I was disappointing her with every pound I gained. I was adding to her already stressful life because of my unhealthy habits. This carried on for many many years.

Until...November 2014. Pretty dang recent, I know. I had moments before then when I would try to lose weight. But it always came right back. And then I had other things to worry about.

Well, in November 2014 I happened to stumble across Cassey Ho on YouTube. Cassey is the fitness instructor for a program called Blogilates. At first I wasn't very interested in doing the workouts. But then I tried the very first one on her beginners calendar. After that I was hooked. I also gave up soda, sweets, and fast food. I replaced them with WATER, veggies, and fruits. Plus lots of protien providing meats.

The workouts were by no means EASY, but I enjoyed it. And the key to being able to put yourself through a 45+ minute workout is doing something you like. I kept up with Blogilates for the past 2 and 1/2 months. I stopped recently, don't be alarmed, to do a Cosmo workout program with my friend. I also go to the gym just about every night.

Starting out, I was the heaviest weight I've ever been...nearly 270 lbs.

Almost 4 months later and I'm now 227 lbs.

Now, this rapid weight loss may not be healthy. I acknowledge that. I had not planned to lose weight so quickly. (Supposed to lose 1-2 lbs a week). Not that I'm complaining, it was a lot of hard work to get to this point.

Physically, I had not noticed much of a difference until recently. (My family's always hid our weight well). I'm ecstatic about my results, and can't wait to lose more.

My current goal is to be within the 100s by my birthday in August. At this point I know that's a very easy goal to meet. And so I've revised it to maybe 180 if I'm lucky.

I haven't weighed 214 lbs since I was 13 years old. The fact that I'm so close astounds me. I feel a lot better physically. I've become a lot stronger.

My overall goal weight is around 150 lbs, which may actually be too low a number for my stature. I have a long way to go yet, but these past four months have proven to me that I can do this. In the past my weight loss 'journeys' have never lasted this long. This is a milestone for me. All the sweat and tears I've put into getting here were worth it. My mom and sister are extremely proud and supportive.

I currently have a bet running with my sister about who can lose 15 lbs first. I have no intention of losing (Already lost 3 1/2). Competition can be a great motivator.

And so that concludes my journey story for now. I titled this post "A Journey To End All Journeys" because I'm not turning back from this point. Only going forward. There will be no more weight loss journeys for me. I'm gonna end my battle with obesity once and for all this time.

Thanks for reading guys! I know it was a long post >.<

I love to hear about other people's experiences with this kind of stuff if any of you all want to share! :D

Also if you have any questions, feel free to ask. ^_^

Until next time...

Stay awesome!
February 10th, 2015 at 08:05am