My Apologies for Saying This But...

I actually want more fanfiction on Mibba.


Like I know, I know, Oh my god! There's already too much fanfiction here and not enough original! How could you! but I do. I want more fanfiction on Mibba.

I want more Supernatural Fanfiction. And I want more MCU fanfiction. Because I right now I have to go to Tumblr (and I follow so much MCU and SPN blogs over there) or Ao3 and I just wish I could find more fanfiction here because it's just obviously more convenient. (I can easier keep track and bug the authors here.) And I kind of feel adulterous about spending so much time reading on other writing websites but...'dems the brakes!


I need sweet domestic Destiel and Stucky. I need post-war, cow eyes Bucky. I need teeny-tiny, sarcastic, and ballsy Steve. I need 'I don't know how to human' Castiel. I need HighSchoolFics! And very short and to the point asides. And little glimpses into everyday life. I need so many drabbles!



Does anyone right short, hum-drum, everyday, cutesey drabble-fic?
February 10th, 2015 at 11:38pm