Top 10 Singles of 2014

Self explanatory title should give away exactly what this piece is about. I imagine a lot of people will disagree with my choices due to my exceptionally eclectic taste but here
goes anyway! I planned on making it 5 track list however there's more than 5 I have loved. I guess the sad part about the list is that although I possess an eclectic taste, I do prefer rock and metal however there hasn't really been any singles that have made me want to piss myself with excitement or play the track repeatedly on full blast. There may be a special mention but it won't bare the privilege of a number.

10) Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Taylor is one of those artists who many of us LOVE to slate but let's face it, this girl is
responsible for a lot of those catchy sing along moments the last few years and her latest album, 1989 has provided us many - blank space being one of my favourites. I thought she hit the ball out the park with shake it off but blank space trumps it repeatedly. I love the story if you could call it that and I always raise a smile at a few lines, especially the back handed compliment of 'oh my god/look at thay face/you look like my next mistake/loves a game, wanna play?' I honestly love it, witty, sharp, flirty and everything a Taylor song should be. The musical arrangement I like. A lot. Its different and unexpexted for Taylor. The lyrics are clever which as someone with more than a handful of brain cells can really appreciate. Its not got the usual sing along qualities of shake it off but holds my attention a lot more than her other tracks.

9) Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

First things first, this track would definitely have been a lot higher up the list but something major really grinds my gears with this track. That thing being Nicki Minaj. Why was she on the track? What was the point in her rap? Why did she feel the need to give us some bitchy spoken 'bang bang' repeatedly at the end of the track? It just feels unnecessary and sounds hideous. Minaj aside, Jessie and Ariana were outstanding! Their vocal performance brilliant, I thought they'd never pull it off live but they do. The lyrics easy to memorise for those booty popping sing along moments when you're in the club after a few sambuca shots. The lyrics are also everything a fun song should be! Flirty, showing a woman's sexual prowess without being trashy and it showed me a slightly less innocent but still cute side to Ariana which I actually think suits her. Basically its a great track to party to.

8) Budapest by George Ezra

What a year for the amazing George Ezra! I adore him beyond belief and this is one of three tracks on the list. I simply cannot get enough of this mans music. Budapest was a huge success for him, it was everywhere and bought him to the attention of many people - this track was even the hold music for Vodafone. I don't feel its his strongest single but still a goody. The guitar work catchy and the lyrics give us another great sing along moment. I heard him perform this live for BBC Music Awards and hearing the crowd join him for the drawn out 'for you/you' just sounded amazing! I don't know what else to say other than a great track by an amazing artist that deserves to be on my list.

7) Ghost by Ella Henderson

What a debut! Shows off her vocal capabilities wonderfully and gives her room to play around with the vocal when performing it live. The lyrics I thought were good, a wonderful metaphor for those pesky ex's! I don't really know what else to say other than this made it here on the basis I love to crank the radio all the way up and belt along with this!

6) Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz

I bloody loved this! Soundtrack to my summer! The first time I heard this track I knew I loved it and automatically got on my Spotify and added it to my playlist. Made some wonderful memories to this track, sat in a beer garden or on the dancefloor on the rare occasion I actually felt well enough to go out. If you didn't hear this track then you clearly live under a rock as it was everywhere.

5) Wait On Me by Rixton

I am not a Rixton fan at all but I loved this track. Sounds great on record and sounds just as great as a live acoustic version - something I feel a lot of current tracks cannot do at present. I love the upbeat, catchy feel, I love the lyrics, the confidence they ooze (I know how to love you and I wanna love you some more), that confidence mixes beautifully with the idea of emotional vulnerability and need for physical closeness that comes with a relationship which is captured wonderfully in lines such as "a little trouble never hurt nobody/ooh I wanna feel your body" and is summed up even greater in the opening line of the first verse ("Take it, take it I'll give my heart to you for free girl don't you break it, break it along with every piece of me"). Just a good track to sing along to and have a little dance to.

4) Listen To The Man by George Ezra

The second entry for Mr Ezra and another brilliant track. A few people seem to have taken offence to the song title but I'm not quite catching on with hate, you only have to listen to the track once to get the sentiment. Lyrics are simple but as I said, filled with sentiment. Its simple, short and sweet with the catchiest of chorus's. The video is just the same - simple but worthy of a watch! Its just a great track and I suggest you give it a listen.

3) Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

I won't lie, the first one thousand times I heard this track I despised it, couldn't stand it and I am an Ed fan! Perhaps that's due to how much it's been rammed down my throat by every single radio station, TV advert, music video channel and so on. However the last few weeks its grown on me dramatically. The lyrics honestly are so touching and full of heartfelt emotion. Its the kind of track that I could see being used as a first dance at weddings. I just love the lyrics, its the lyrics that have got it on the list if I'm 100% honest. If you haven't properly paid attention to the lyrics before then get to google and give it a good reading. Beautifully poetic.

2) Uptown Funk by Mark Robson ft Bruno Mars

Genius. It really is, Ronson has really given us something to sink our teeth in to with this 80s themed track - It's like we've heard it all before but it feels so fresh and new. Bruno Mars on vocal just makes so much sense, his voice perfect for this track and gives it that touch of too cool attitude, he can also perform the hell out of it live. My friends and I are all musicians, we all play different instruments and we just can't fault it musically. I feel this is track of the year however I just couldn't put my number 1 as number 2 so uptown funk got demoted one spot. I guess we should really call this joint first.

1) Blame It On Me by George Ezra

My other and main song of the year. This track is one of those tracks that suits a lot of situations. You can crank up the volume and really belt along or you can have it on low and just relax in bed to it. The lyrics are burnt into my memory and I could probably give you a full performance of this track with ease. Maybe I am fan girling to an extent but Mr Ezra; I salute you! Amazing amazing amazing!

Special mentions

Steal my girl by one direction: catchy, memorable and a typical 1D track.

Black widow by Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora: don't like Iggy, partial to a bit of Rita, loved this track.

Timber by Pitbull ft Kesha: one of those tracks we hate to love but lets face it, it was everywhere and I know it got me belting along and on the dancefloor.

Stay with me by Sam Smith: this in hindsight deserved to be on my list but I just don't know where I should be placing it. One minute I love it, next I don't.

The devil in I by Slipknot: my boys are back! I love slipknot! Its a solid track however nothing like the former glory they were when I fell in love with them (wait and bleed etc)
February 16th, 2015 at 07:07am