When It Rains It Pours

You know how they always say when it rains it pours? Well, whoever they are, they're right. In my life it seems like nothing decent ever happens, but nothing particularly bad ever happens either, until today.

Before I start this story let me explain a few things. For those of you who don't know, a commissary is a military grocery store with that requires an I.D for entrance. It's much cheaper than Publix or Safeway, and my mom and I go there for our "big" grocery shopping or when we need more expensive things.

My mom and I were getting ready to go to the commissary and at the last minute I realized I didn't have my I.D. I went to the counter to grab it and it wasn't there, neither was my license. My mom swore up and down she didn't move it, and is convinced I moved it a few days ago in one of my sleep deprived stupors. After searching up and down throughout the house we decided to go to Publix.

So we shop and come home and she realizes that in order for me to go to the college tomorrow and finish my transfer request I need some form of identification, which I no longer have. I turn 21 in July and if I can't enroll before then I will lose my I.D. as well as my medical insurance. To top it all off my dad is deployed, and getting a new one is near impossible.

As for my license, I have a Washington one and we recently moved to Florida, so to add to the shit storm I'm most likely going to have to take the written and driven test to get a new one. This is especially bad news because I'm rarely allowed to drive my parents cars, so I'm seriously out of practice.

In the end we spend another hour or two searching to no avail and my mom starts screaming at me and in general being a tyrant. In an effort to relax I decide to bake cookies and start grabbing the ingredients, only to realize we forgot baking soda, which was our main reason for shopping btw. And I noticed I had a voicemail from a place I applied to last month that I had given up on, and I want to be happy about it but I'm stressing about the other things.

I realize it's just little things, but it really adds up when you are already frustrated. And on top of everything I'm in a new state and I don't know anyone. So I'm frustrated and sad and lonely, and I kind of just want to grab some scissors and start cutting my hair because it just gets in the way
March 2nd, 2015 at 01:36am