Animals = Stress Relief + Support Your Local Humane Society

Hey, ya'll! This last week was absolutely crappy with me freaking out over little things and just everything being BLEH! This week probably won't be superbly great either, BUT I'll deal with it. c:

This week's vlog was all about how animals are a great stress relief--for me at least--and also on how to help your local humane society/pet shelter rather than the big organizations that claim to "help", but actually really...don't.

But I don't go into a lot of deapth with that and more show my roommate and me enjoying some time at the humane society with cats and dogs(and a bunny!). Plus, I try to be funny again. HAHA!

Hope you guys all have an impeccable week! Impeccable is my new world. IMPECCABLE. INCONCEIVABLE.

Later, loves!
March 2nd, 2015 at 06:49am