Katsumi Tells All: Monday Night RAW March 2nd 2015

Monday night RAW off to an okay start tonight, Seth Rollins comes out calling out the host of The Daily Show, of course he is quickly intrupted by Roman Reigns, who actually cut a decent promo tonight, which only fuels more speculation that Lesner may have walked out last week.

Why else have Roman and Rollins cut a promo when either man could be building up their fued with Lesner WM 31 is only 28 days away that doesn't leave long to get a good build up going, and with Roman being in the main match this year WWE really needs a good build up or their ppv buys may not be all that great the card is already a bit lacking and with Bryan no where in the title picture fans already are not happy, so they really need to apease us with a build up we can get behind.

We're back now from commercial back stage where Rollins is seen yelling at J&J security, and of course they run in to Randy Orton who is yelling at security and telling Rollins he should demand at match one on one to prove he can out wrestle Roman Reings which cause Seth to say "I can out wrestle ANYONE on the wwe roster."

While they may not be doing well to build up our title match I think their doing an amazing job at building up the inevitable fued with Rollins and Orton though I feel this could be a bit hard to do that would mean putting Orton back as a baby face and I'm just not sure that is such a good idea.

Dean and Bad news are having a pretty decent match in the ring but the commentary is a bit distracting with R-thruth being out there and just having a normal convorsation, we also are finding out Truth will be in the ladder match for the belt. Now that we've talked about spidder and hight fears I'm hoping we can get back to just the match Bad news and Dean have some great in ring chemistry and work very well togather which makes it better for me cause I usally find watching Bad News to be a bore.

Truth and Harper have a nice exchange of the title which belongs to Bad News, and we are again distracted by what goes on at the commentary station which of course when Harper walked away with the Belt caused Bad News to lose and

again even though their distracting from a really great match, their also building up another match at Mania that I believe will be a great match, ladder matches are always entertaining and usally has the involvement of soem high flyers so I'm very intrested in seeing how this match will pan out.

And now we're back to back stage antics of Miz and Mizdow and their Niagara commercial. "I have plenty of bullets." Best comment all night loving this exsplosive build up they have going on and the fact aint any of that commercial PG which makes me happy, I love how you can see it in Sandow's face he is so done with Miz come time for Mania I'm sure of it but I'm really starting to get behind Sandow and think he may be okay.

Now finally the commentary people are talking about the amazing way Bray called out Taker as Bray talks behind a microphone, a coffin laying behind him . He made the coffin just for him, he thinks he'll like it. He thinks Taker is mocking him with his silence, and everything comes at a price. "I would wakj through the fires of hell to see your face Undertaker."

And he lights the lid of the coffin on fire telling Undertaker at WM he's going to burn to. Seriously I'm loving me some Bray wyatt so much right now his promo's are so bad ass, and I keep waiting for Taker to just show up but me thinks the silent and not showing up is the best way to do it, a match like this is like HHH and sting no words really ever need to be spoken and punches can wait till its fight time.

And now its time for a mixed tag match three on three, and yeah well I'm just skipping this, I no like it, these tag matches just have no point to them anymore, no one cares about the fueds and the teams are just guys WWE has no idea what to do with trown togather, love me some Tyson Kidd but we all know the only reason he's getting attention again is because he married Natty.

The Celtic Warrior returns but no saying when I can only hope it is soon we all need a little broug everyonce in a while. And now we're seeingf what happened to Cena last week and he is on the tv talking about tonight and I'm just booing at the tv "You not in my corner are having a wonderful time." blah blah blah, we get it you lost he said no you're being butt hurt over it, get over it dude move on

His focus right now is on Wrestle Mania and we get a cheap pop at the wwe network.Out comes Steph man I love when she intrupts him, and says some real dumb and stupid shit, really can the writers not give her something good to say. "You certainly weren't the bitch that you are now."

For a comapany that says they have a no bully policy they sure do make Steph a huge bully like seriously, "You're not special." And things like that don't really go with the whole no bulling deal and what not. Just saying its a lot contridictory.

Don't get me started with Axel and his self appointed nick name 'the ax man.' and stole Hogan's catch phrase, this show is just killing me right now like seriously no, this is all bad, can not believe I'm saying this but dear god please let Super Shena beat his ass. And he does, now whats his face is out side calling us stupid basically and he tells Cena "NO!" please let this be the year we have no Cena at mania.

Cole ser down last week with Hays and Anderson to talk about Sting who grew cause he was the first guy in and the last guy out, not sure why we need outside opions and why their making this WWE VS WCW when its really about two dudes who both thrived because two companies where fighting it out but in the end WWE bought out and owns WCW making it WWE now.

Now HHH is going on and on about Legacy's and being bigger then he's ever been, and how he traded that in for a fleeting chance for a moment on the Grandest Stage of them all, blah blah blah I was much more in to the build up for this 8 days ago when all Sting had to do was point at the sign with his bat and never utter a word while all HHH is doing is talking and bringing up Booker T.

Booker some how implied that HHH wouldn't allow sting to come to the WWE and that he knows sting they went down the road many many times power influance toe stepping and all kinds of boring bull shit. Lol "little kids on the internet who think they know this industry, truth is they don't know a damned thing"

Sadly us kids do know maybe not how to run the company and do the things that go on behind the scene's to make the show's work, but I could sit here right now and predict everything that was going to happen. And HHH just fired Booker T something I could have told you was going to happen before it did because this product is stale because of the way its being ran behind the scene's.

Oh maybe I was a bit hasty in what I just said HHH didn't really fire Booker he was just using it to show what ultimate control is and how he is going to end an icon a legacy the last vestige that was WCW, he will put an end to Sting, just saying he'll not be able to do that with out his trusty sledge Hammer!

Paig and Nikki set to go on to do a rematch from fast lane, I'm sure this is going to be a quick match with Paig carrying Nikki or some interferance by Bri since I'm almost 100% sure Nikki couldn't get her way out of a paper bag. Nikki pics up the win, only to be ambushed by a returning AJ LEE!!! Paig and AJ work togather to clear the twins out of the ring.

Now we're on to Seth and his calling out the Daily show host and doing his own show on RAW and I just find this really silly but great publicity for WWE so more power to them I guess, I'm not sure what the point of ragging on this guy is and he did show up so this should be intresting. I mean I'm all about the entertainment part of WWE lots of 90's refrances going on tonight. The actual host of the Daily Show is giving him hell and I love it

He is making a lot of good points telling Rollins he is going to be left holding his brifcase and that they both know who it belongs to and Seth is getting pissed off this is getting pretty good and funny. Orton comes out and Seth looks at him giving Stewart the chance for the low blow, and Randy is acting like he didn't do anything this is great. Another good way to build while having Orton play like he is with the Authority .

Bryan beats Luke in a fight by submission the match wasn't all that good, I feel that his injury has set him back and he is going to be doing mid card things for a while Bad News comes out takes his belt back byr good old Dean comes to take it from him, but then Luke takes it from Dean, who loses it to Truth, who leaves the belt on the ground and gets close lined, Luke may be a force to watch out for. But Ziggler comes out and steals the belt just like he steals the show!
March 3rd, 2015 at 04:29am