Escort Life

I'm writing a story about an escort, and am trying to come up with a name that's not too absurd or flashy. Now when I say escorts, I mean escorts, not prostitutes. It's one of those kind that the absurdly rich old men looking for companionship go to, that is *ahem* completely legal. The owner is a woman named Julia who is somewhat pretentious.

I was thinking of something with 'companions' or 'escort's' in it, I have a few ideas that I wanted to test out. Or if you have better ones, I'm certainly open to suggestion. They're probably ridiculous so don't make fun :P

The Pretty Women (...)

Eiffel Escorts (I feel this may sound too suggestive, though it's not meant to be.)

Julia's Companions (I think this sounds like a really sad pet shop XD)

Hampton Honeys (...idek)

Also I'm curious if anyone is interested in reading a story like this, and what your thoughts on it are. If I ever bring myself to post it I'm thinking about making a blog as one of the characters. I think it would be a fun little addition, so I'm curious what you guys think.

I've already got an entire series of stand-alone plots lined up that I'm really excited to write. I've written up full character profiles and started on 3 individual stories already, lol. The first is a short story my writing for a contest, and it's about being an escort. The second is about one of the escort's romantic life. And the last is about the second escort's sister (confusing enough?). It's kind of funny because I was actually writing the last one first, and it lead to the second, and then the first (confused yet?).

So, what do you think?
March 5th, 2015 at 01:04am