Eating Disorder

Extreme dieting is deadly, but no one tells you that. They tell you, "Hey, you know what? If you want to be happy you should lose weight! You'll fit right in!" For a moment you think "Hey, that sounds like a good idea!" So you start dieting.

Once you think you're fine then the voices tell you "Hey, you're still not skinny enough. You gotta lose more weight." And you start thinking... am I really that fat?

Bit by bit, every day you find new reasons not to eat your favorite meal, or go out with friends. "I have to workout today." or "I've gotta study. Big test tomorrow." When you go home all you do is excercise until your body aches, you down water like your so parched. What you don't know is:

You're slowly losing your mind, body, and yourself.

Eating disorders have the highest morality rates of any mental disease that is out there. Not only are you dying on the inside, you're killing yourself slowly on the outside too. Most people with eating disorders are girls. Guys don't really come out about their ED as much because "Eating disorders are what girls do." Which is a complete lie. Most girls between the ages of 7 to 14 are dieting to fit that perfect "skinny image".

Everyone tells you how dieting is so amazing, How it will help you grab a piece of mind.

No one tells you that if you go too far you'll lose the only mind you have. All of your thoughts will be consumed with:

"Am I thin enough?" "How many calories are in this?" "Should I eat that?" "Will I fit this?" "Why can't I be skinnier?"

I myself have an eating disorder and I'm proud to say I'm recovering from it. Slowly but surely I am. Each day gets a little better and sometimes a little worse. Once you have and eating disorder it never truly goes away. You learn to slowly go back to your old self. You're trying to grab a hold of the life you had, and It gets better. You regain your piece of mind and you get happier day by day with the right people and support.

Life goes on, Not everything is about being skinny.
March 5th, 2015 at 03:21am