International Women's Day

Hello, it's that time again! It's time for me to wax lyrical about how beautiful we are and can be as a species, and the primary focus for this blog is International Women's Day. The great majority of Mibba is made of women and girls, strong and incredible individuals - many of whom face challenges in everyday life just to feel okay and to get through the day. I'm just here to remind you that you are wonderful.

You white women, you black women, you Asian women, you Latino women. You gay women, you straight women, you women who were born biologically as men but are in fact women, you bisexual or pansexual or asexual women. You disabled women, you mentally ill/disabled/challenged women. Blonde, brunette, red-headed or wacky haired women, with blue eyes or green eyes or brown eyes or other coloured eyes. Tall, short, skinny, larger women who are beautiful beyond what the mirror shows. We are all talented, we are all tough, we are all important.

That's not to say we are better than men because men of all of the above identities are also beautiful. The goal of International Women's Day is not to single out women as the better half of the species, no more than Black History Month is to single out black people as better. It is a recognition that this uncontrollable circumstance of our lives should not be a hindrance to our dreams, and that we must celebrate not only those who fit into the category within the name, but also those who helped fight for the level of equality we have and the level of equality we are striving for.

Things are not perfect for women or minorities yet, so the fight goes on. But this is not a fight to which we bring arms or hatred or fear or insults - this is a peaceful protest of sorts, a gentle debate to which all walks of life are party. It is a negotiation and the ultimate prize is freedom and equality, which we are all deserving of.

I say I am not a feminist but this is not the truth because I am, simply in my hope that as the human race we can learn to coexist without the need for a fight anymore. I am not active in my fight by traditional means, I do not campaign or protest or do anything to that effect; I merely live my life working towards my dreams, ignoring any barriers that may be placed in my way simply because of my gender. For some people that is not enough and that's okay too - fight with whatever gusto you may have, with whatever passion is in you. We can all make a difference through our conduct.

My point is that I refuse to believe that we cannot achieve this level of acceptance and equality. I believe we can get to a point where the celebration of women and minorities is just that - a celebration of the people who got us to the point in human history where equality is not a goal but a reality. In the West we are just short, in other areas there is far to go and we cannot give up in this.

So celebrate yourselves - women and men who love women and see women for the people they are, strong and beautiful and hardworking and determined. Let's look to and work for a future where there is harmony between everyone, from all walks of life and from all sets of circumstances. No matter who you are, rejoice at your humanity!

♥ Happy International Women's Day ♥
March 8th, 2015 at 10:09pm