Lots of Stuff

I've recently noticed that I have so much stuff to do in March.

On March 14th, I take my first SAT test at 7:45am.

On March 17th, I have a doctor's appointment, in which I'll just be told the same thing as usual: that I need to lose weight. Yes, I know, Mr. MD. And I need to have some shots, ugh.

On March 19th, I have a CAS appointment with a teacher about this project I have to do get my IB diploma, which I have to do so much to prepare for. I need to write reflections on the volunteer/creative work I've done, and I need to do more volunteer/creative stuff anyway, and ESPECIALLY active stuff.

Also on March 19th, I have to take the National French Exam, which ranks me among all the French students in the U.S.

Also on March 19th, I have a cooking class at a local grocery store, which I'm taking so I can have more creative hours for CAS.

On March 20th, my oral history project is due, which is a 20 minute interview on an important event in history, as told by someone in the even.

On March 25th, my QuestBridge scholarship application is due, which, if I get it, would include 4 years of tuition at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Emery, Stanford, etc.

THIS SHIT IS CRAZY, LIKE HONESTLY. I wish I wasn't in IB, I always feel like I'm not capable of handling it. Well, in the end, I just hope I don't end up with some disorder. Life is too hard.
March 10th, 2015 at 10:32pm