Thoughts on Gender

So today I went over to the "My Mibba" tab to edit my profile and I noticed something.

Mibba has only two choices for Members to put down under the gender category: female and male. Well, shouldn't there be a choice for non-binary people? And also the little symbol that shows up under their username should be a combination of the female and male symbols. That way when people see it, they'll go over to the person's profile to double check what their pronouns are. If Mibba does this, then non binary people would feel more included and other members wouldn't have to assume their pronouns and we wouldn't get the pronouns wrong either. I've never met a non binary person on here, but that doesn't mean you're not out there posting stories, blogs, or forum topics.

I think this should happen. Anyone else on board?
March 15th, 2015 at 06:57pm