Possible Update + PLL (the Show) + Questions

So I'm getting some ideas for my flashback scene. I may have it posted either tonight or tomorrow night I'm not so sure. I'm making a layout for it. This chapter will be mostly informational about Big A. This chapter will be A telling how the A team got started and it will be a flashback. There will be other flashback chapters with the story too. Most of them will be from A's POV.

And in the story, there will be Sara Harvey and Bethany Young. They will be in some flashback chapters. Not saying which ones, but they will be in some.

Tomorrow is season 5 episode 24 of PLL. I'm excited. In season 5 episode 25 (season finale) Marlene says we'll find out who Big A is. See, I personally don't believe that. The person that they're going to reveal as Big A, most likely will just wind up being little A (one of Big A's minions). The reason I say that, is because PLL is already confirmed to go up until season 7. So I don't think that they will reveal who the leader of the A team is so early. That would be too easy.

1)Do you watch PLL? Yesss
2)Who do you think Big A is and why? Aria or Hanna. Hanna has motive and there are too many "coincidences" with Aria.
3)Who do you want to be Big A? Aria or Hanna
4)Who don't you want to be Big A? Jenna, a guy, or someone's twin. Or Alison.
5)Who would be the biggest shock of being Big A and why? Emily because she's so sweet
March 16th, 2015 at 06:12pm