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Hii everyone!

Man, I totally admit I forgot I was supposed to do story recommendation blogs every two days or so, as per my promise. Sorry about that, but... well, over here there's a saying 'The morning is when you wake up." And because I'm being dramatic, I'll tell you I've woken up!

Hahahaha I know you lost me. I'm not making sense xD

Anyway, the two stories for today (mind you, I could kick myself for forgetting them by the way) are ones I was a dedicated follower of until I became inactive for about two months and was lazy enough to not catch up. I know that's bad, but I'm reading now, and (maybe) threatening you to take a look as well. LOL, haha. No threaten. Just request.

The first one is called,

Type: Original fiction
Rating: R
Short Description: Nick has no heart. Annika's soul has been stolen. Will they get what belongs to them before it's too late?
Authors: Vampire's_Addiction and Lady Nikki Nightmare

The Eyes are the window to your soul.” ~ William Shakespeare

Annika never knew anything about the evils of the world, or the underworld to be exact. Not until Nick was sent for her. Sent by a man unknown to most of the human world to retrieve the soul of a witch, but everyone knows you can't survive without your soul... Except Annika can, and she wants what belongs to her back.
“Sharp are the arrows of a broken heart.” ~ Cassandra Clare

Nick lost his heart a long time ago. He is still head strong, but now he follows orders without question. He knows what Boss wants this new soul for. Nick can't forget the last time he tried with the wrong soul. Maybe it's time to stop doing as you're told and take a stand.

You've seriously got to check this one out. It's one of the most amazingly written stories, with a unique storyline and fantastic description. Plus, you'd love Nick and Annika. I was an ardent follower of the story, but am catching up again. I hope it gets updated soon, so give it a look, and maybe inspire the authors to keep going! :D

The second one is called,

Type: Fan fiction
Rating: NC-17
Short Description: Keri Snow is the younger stepsister of the most popular girl in school. Far from helping her status, this makes life hell. [Ft. A7X and others]
Authors: CharlieHunnam and PhenoBarbiDoll

Keri Snow lives a life typically reserved for teen movies that always end on a light, comedic note. Unfortunately, those awkward high school moments aren't nearly as humorous when they are real. In fact, for Keri, those awkward moments are often taken too far, becoming just this side of cruel.

But Keri's life takes a turn for the better, in a very unexpected way...

I don't know why, but everything about this story is just right. It gives you the right amount of feels. Keri is just as adorable, and Rachel just as hateful. The football team around her makes me want to kick them all too. And because I started rereading this to catch up, I still don't know who the lead guy would be. But I sure as hell don't want it to be this Danny dude. I'll murder him if he is. >:(
Aw shoot. This is turning into ramble xD But you should check this story out, 'cause its amazing so far. And its being updated regularly, so give it a shot! (:

And that would be all. I have nine other story recommendation blogs, which I know would be a bother to check, but i you want to you'll have to venture to my blogs page. Its a bother to link them all! Haha, say yayyy! to laziness xD And there's one one shot rec blog too. And I just realized that with this blog, I've actually recc'd 20 stories and 6 one shots in all. Oh yeah, now I feel awesome haha! Gimme a hug mibba! :DDD

Alright, enough nonsense! B-Bye! And take care. Stay happy ever after! :D :D :D
March 19th, 2015 at 07:19am