Comment Swap | Comment Swap-a-Thon

So the comment swap-a-thon is currently going pretty well for me. I've received some helpful feedback and lovely comments and now I've reached the limit, so I have some more free time on my hands (Okay, I still had a lot of free time, but still).

I've decided to do a comment swap with others not in the contest, so naturally I have a couple requests for this:

1. Comments must have at least one hundred words to count.
2. I would rather not read smut or slash.
3. Original fiction preferred, but fan-fiction is accepted.

The story I would most like commented on is Vampire's Kiss, but if you prefer you can comment on Afterlife instead. If you have a specific story you want commented on I can read that, or I'll go through your story list and pick one.
March 22nd, 2015 at 09:46am