Like Letting the Air out of a Balloon

Over the past few years I come to realize something about myself and how I feel about my writing: I can't tell anyone about my stories or I lose all motivation to write them. It's as if I'm giving away the magic and by the time I'm done explaining the world or the plot or the characters, I feel like there's nothing more to tell. That discovery aspect is gone.

A friend of mine says it irritates him when people say they're writers but don't talk about what they're writing, so I had to explain this possibility to him. Sometimes you lose your power when you show it off.

This is what's got me thinking about posting stories again. With Quizilla kaput, and not a many other places offering sanctuary for original works, it may be time to try Mibba again. Wattpad seems nice enough, and I would cross post there, but Mibba is one I'm familiar with despite the changes. One thing I do know is I will never be able to make pretty layouts again, not like before.
March 22nd, 2015 at 06:55pm