If My Horse Was a Person

Hey, ya'll! I totally forgot to mention in this video that Shania would totally look like Laila Ali if she was human. Because Laila is beautiful and an almighty queen! All hail!


Does anyone else have a pet with serious attitude? Because I've found no four legged creature that quite beats Shania's intense dislike of everything except herself. Granted, she's gorgeous and was the horse of my glory days in competition, but dealing with her could be so exhausting some days, especially when SHE was ready to retire.

No, I did not make the decision to retire. Shania was like "no, I'm ready to be done with this shit so I'm going to make our last year of rodeo total hell and stress you out until you're like 'FUCK IT. I'M RETIRING YOU.'" which is what happened so...

But I hope you guys enjoy this video! I reached 50 subscribers and am quite happy! :D

Later, loves!
March 23rd, 2015 at 05:43pm