Help Me!

Okay so I'm thinking about instead of doing a PLL story, doing a story which involves witchcraft. I've never done this before. I don't have a set plot idea but please listen to this. I've watched "Witches of East End" and I got my idea to do a witchcraft story from that. Please note that the witches in my story are going to be good witches so they'll be practicing white magic and not black magic.

Okay, so I want to learn how to write spells (in latin) and make other worlds. I'm thinking about maybe making this book to be where the girls are about in their 20's and just finding out that they're witches (it'll kind of be like "Witches of East End" but it won't be). The characters names will be different, the plot will be different, and the location will be different. The only thing that'll be the same is that the witches just find out about their powers in their 20's (haven't figured out the exact age yet)

So, I need to know how I can write spells and stuff like that in latin. Also, how to create fictional worlds and other stuff. In the story, the girls are going to be from a different magic world but they'll be living in the mortal world with their mom.
April 4th, 2015 at 03:55pm