Drama Only a Gamer Might Be Able to Understand

OK so to most of you this probably won't seem that serious and to me it's not like it will severely alter my life or anything but I guess you'd have to have a sort of gamer mentality to kind of understand where I'm coming from

So yes this is about a game an mmo game called Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on this game we can have guilds, called Free Companies and in my Free Company I'm second in command and there's this guy who has been with us since the beginning and he helped out, he crafted gear and stuff for us, helped us save money to be a large company house which are like super expensive which I'm grateful for but he quit because he said he was bored with the game which I was fine with, if it wasn't fun for him then alright.

So later he comes back and I'm like cool but a big feud in the company made a lot of our people leave because they got annoyed with each other do our free company was dying we barely had members and at the time people were still quitting. So me and the free company master were trying to recruit people and get the company back in its feet which wasn't going so well for a while So he quit again but this time left some vague message condemning the free company, saying basically the free company was going to die.

So now we're back on our feet, we have a decent amount of good members and now, he's back again, now of course I didn't know at first but he left but was still playing the game not he left but wasn't. Am I saying he can't play if he's not with us, no but you can't just leave when you don't have faith in us and then come back when everything is fine especially when you didn't stay and help us get it back up again. Now the free company master let him come back and at his old rank I might add. Like I said I'm grateful for what he does when he's here and he's a cool dude when you talk to him and all but that wasn't cool to me and I honestly don't know if I want him back in I mean if things go south again is he going to leave us again?

He just kind of left us hanging out there.
April 8th, 2015 at 06:22pm