And I'm Back!

After a long, LONG, time away from my Mibba and creating stories - I have finally returned.

Life was a little crazy for a good while, but now that I have graduated from College, I can finally focus on material that I ACTUALLY want to write. I'm in the process of debating what to keep and what to scrap. Frankly, some of the writing I had on here I either:

a. Don't wish to continue because I have MAJOR writers block
b. Don't find interesting anymore.

I'm starting to branch away from some of the Fanfic writing and create original content. Although I know I would be better suited to do this, it takes me awhile to pump content out because I am SO hard on myself. I really hope some of you will stick around to reading some of it. I will still definitely do some Fanfic writing but I wanted to try something new and not just stay in the realm of fanfic things.

Hopefully I can get started really soon, I'm excited to be back!
April 13th, 2015 at 02:42am