The Winter Soldier?

Yes, I am alive. Amazing! I know, right?

I've been missing from mibba for a while. Skulking around like a ghost does not really count, or does it? I went on over to another site and posted some things but it wasn't the same. I freaking missed mibba, even when it's so very clearly dead, or close to it. I missed it. I missed making story pageseven if I never actually got around to writing the story because I'm a giant bag of dicks. Mibba is my home, and dying or not, broken or not, I love it.

Which brings me to the actual point of this blog.

I'm obsessed all of a sudden and The Winter Soldier is to blame.

That sexy, broken, tall, dark and handsome bastard. Just stop, Bucky, stop.

No don't stop.

I had this dream and hot damn, it's been hounding me for days. My shower time is now devoted to this idea! It's getting ridiculous. Ridiculous to the point where what was once just a single story is now a four-story series. And you know what? I fucking regret nothing.

I've made all the pages, named all the stories, I've written up a planner for them because I need to do that or I'll get confused and then I'll forget and then I'll never do it and I've done that, a lot, and it's hurt people, people I deeply care about and I'm sorry for that.

But this series, a series I'm calling "Winter", is grand and inspiring and it calms my nerves and I don't know but I feel like Bucky would understand my insanity...or he'd shoot me...more likely ignore me because honestly I'm not a threat to him at all!

But Winter! Winter series. Four stories. Books! Winter Books.

I don't want to give any of the plot away because my shit has a habit of turning up in other peoples work, so no spoilers. But I'm mixing things up and there will be action, lots of action, and death, heaps of that, and so much sass Tony would be proud, will be proud. He's in it, eventually.

But yeah, Winter.

When Winter Burns, is the first fic to the series, and I'm not sure when I'll post anything for it. (I've started writing it and I'm onto the fourth chapter, roughly. Kind of? Maybe.)

But really, this blog is me putting out feelers to see if anyone would even be interested in reading these stories?

Even if they don't, I'm super excited about them anyway! And that's big for me because I haven't been super excited for much of anything lately. I honestly just feel like a giant failure who doesn't deserve the people in my life but this, this makes me feel a sliver of hope and by the gods, I'm going to cling to that for as long as I can!

So, is anyone interested in reading about The Winter Soldier?
April 13th, 2015 at 05:22am