I'm Going to China!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am finally getting to do something awesome with my life. I am going on a faculty-led trip to China in mid-May. Details below:

After I had to reshoot part of the video a second time, I forgot to mention that I have an official blog that my sexeh bff Nikki will be updating for me because she is the bomb!

I'm so excited for this, guys, not that you couldn't tell in the video. The only thing that could be better is my mom's approval of it. My mom is not happy that I am going at all to the point that I hate mentioning anything about it, despite the fact that I need her to bring things from home or call someone for me involving the trip. She just gets super short and displeased over the topic.

Also, she would not let me find sponsors for the trip, stating that she hated when people asked for money so their kids could travel. So its all out of our pocket...which is fine. I hate charity and asking others for money, but everyone else in the class pretty much has sponsors and that makes me look kinda lame, I think.

Hopefully, she'll think otherwise when I show her the awesomeness that is China. :)

Later, loves.
April 26th, 2015 at 06:02pm